The quotes of the London Underground

Have you ever seen random quotes at tube stations during your daily commute?

This craze has taken off since Instagram became a big deal, with Transport for London  workers taking joy in writing different messages on the Service Information boards found at all the stations.

The quotes aren’t part of a TFL person’s job description, they simply write it if they feel like it. The most common places to find the works are on the Piccadilly and Victoria lines. This took us to Kings Cross Station, where we met Ashaad. Ashaad likes to write the signs daily in lovely handwriting we must say!


Ashaad says that writing a quote on the tube board is always a great part of his day:

“It’s perhaps the best part of my shift. I work either during the morning or evening commutes, and I love it. I always try to write longer quotes that people can stop to read and think about before they get on the train. There is always a queue for the barriers during the busiest time and that means people have time to read the quotes. I like to think that they read it and then think about them on the way home, and if one person does out of the thousands that come through here every day that’s good enough for me. Some people like to read funny quotes, I’m not particularly good at them, I always try to put some meaning behind it.”

 If you aren’t a daily commuter, the best place to find your daily fill of Tube quotes is different stations websites and Instagram. The Tottenham Court Road (TCR Station) provides some of the best content with almost daily uploads.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.14.23

Thoughts of Angel is one of the best sites for viewing the quotes. Angel station is just round the corner from Access London’s offices and the quotes always bring us a big smile during our commute into and from work. They also list a number of differing categories, alongside letting you pick random, popular or recent.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.18.10

These signs bring a human touch to the tube station and Access London would love to see all the Tube stations accross London bring this to their aesthetic.


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