Mental Health in New Parents: Kate Middleton Reveals Her Struggles

Many in the capital are experiencing the miracle of parenthood for the first time.

However, becoming a parent is not always an easy task. Two in ten women experience mental health problems during or after pregnancy.

Pressures that stem from cultural expectations of parenting, relationship stress, family-work balance issues, and economic concerns, can take its toll on new mothers and fathers.

The awareness of mental health issues that can arise from parenthood are important for new parents – fathers as well as mothers – particularly as “super mum” and “super dad” pressures continue to grow.

Fortunately the Duchess of Cambridge has shed recently light on this issue. She admits experiencing a “lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance” under the pressures of being a “perfect parent”.

The Duchess, the mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, said even she, who has the benefit of having help at home, has found parenthood a “huge challenge” which can be “very lonely” after the baby is born.

As we look forward to Mother’s Day this weekend, Access London celebrates the key role mothers play in family life, and recognises that parenthood is not always easy.

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