Isabelle Clement and the mission to make cycling inclusive in London

When Isabelle Clement’s son turned four old she bought him a bike. Before, she had always been the one to take him to the park. He would sit on her lap when she was in her wheelchair: that way she was able to keep an eye on him. After he got the bike, her son’s new adventures made spending time with him a bit more difficult. She was scared she might loose him when they went to the park together. She was inspired to start cycling herself, and has been able to keep up with her son ever since!

But that kind of epiphany doesn’t happen for everyone, this is why Isabelle is now the Director of the charity Wheels for Wellbeing. The whole point on Wheels for Wellbeing, their mantra, their “main mission” is to inspire the kind of light bulb moment that Isabelle had. They want to educate people with a physical disability that cycling is possible. More than that, it is hugely beneficial! Here’s why:

Cycling is a great form of transport.

After you have the equipment it is by far the cheapest way to travel around London. There are so many ways that a bike can be customised for a physical disability, and charities like Wheels for Wellbeing are the people to ask about how to go about getting one perfect for you.

[Isabelle has a contraption that attaches to her wheelchair to make transform it into a bicycle. Now, she cycles into work most days!]

Cycling is a great way to exercise.

Not only does cycling help you keep fit, the effect that endorphins can have is massive. Endorphins are natural hormones that essentially make you happy after you exercise. Having a bike can solve a whole array of physical and mental problems.

Cycling gets you involved in your community.

There are loads of cycling communities in London that get you out of the house and meet new people. Wheels for Wellbeing do multiple cycling sessions every week. Check them out here.

Wheels for Wellbeing is located in Brixton, but they help people all around London every day. It may not be something you thought you could do, but with the right kind of help it could change your life for the better!

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