5 Apps for Mental Health: Week Five

Which of the over 2 million apps on offer on our smartphones help improve mental health and wellbeing?

Every week Access London gives you five of the best free ones.

1. Smiling Mind

This is a meditation app developed by psychologists and educators. The app contains a variety of meditation programmes including for children, young adults, sport and in the workplace.

2. Daylio

This app provides an easy-to-use diary to catalogue your thoughts throughout the week. The app then provides statistics about your moods and activities in the form of charts and graphs to help you understand your thought patterns better.

3. MoodTools

This app provides tools to combat depression and negative moods. Tools include a depression test, which allows you to track symptom severity over time, videos to help you improve your mood including meditation and TED talks and a suicide safety plan detailing emergency resources to use when you are facing a crisis.

Every week we publish 5 recommended apps for mental health. Catch up on last week’s here.

4. SuperBetter

This app is a game you play which aims to help improve your resilience when facing difficult situations. The app was created by Jane McGonigal. Check out the TED talk she gave about the app here.

5. Remente

This app helps to manage your brain and mental wellbeing. The app provides exercises you can use to track your mood, manage stress, optimize your sleep and set goals that are important to you.

These apps should not be used as a replacement for seeking medical advice if you have concerns about symptoms you are experiencing.

Let us know your experiences of using these apps. Tweet us @access_LDN, email us at accessldn@gmail.com, or let us know on Facebook.

We spoke to the CEO of mental health app Paralign. Check out the interview here.



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