5 types of exercise to try for better mental health!

Although exercise has many benefits for the physical body, it also has great effects on mental health and wellbeing.

Studies have shown the incredibly effective results of exercise when it comes to treating issues such as as mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

Due to the endorphins released when we do exercise, our mood is often brighter and we find that we can think clearer and have a betters night’s sleep. There’s no denying that exercise does wonders for the mind…so here are five types of exercise that we recommend you try…


Being outdoors is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of life and take some time out. That’s why getting on a bike is a great way to exercise- it forces us to leave our desk or home where we often have a million things on our mind and reconnect with nature and get some fresh air. In London we have a great choice of green parks, lakes and canals which are all cycling friendly!

Team Sports

Team sports are often something you would associate with your school days and bad memories of P.E on a horrible wet morning… but studies have shows that people who participate in team sport’s are far more likely to keep up a regular exercise regime, as they do not want to let their team mates down by missing a training session or game. Team sports such as netball or football, are a great way to strengthen communication skills, commit to exercise and most importantly…socialise!


Running or jogging is great for the heart, but also great for the mind! By getting your heart rate up during aerobic exercise you increase your mental alertness and energy which will have a positive impact on your mood. If you haven’t run in a while, brisk walking will have the same effect on your mental health. Maybe you can try the famous couch to 5K scheme, this will give you a goal to look towards!


A low impact sport that still has great affects on the mind and body! Like other sports, swimming encourages you to get up and out and leave the stresses of your day behind. Take time to play around in the water and find your inner child…swimming can be great fun if you’re a water baby!


An obvious choice but an important one. Yoga encourages you to take an internal focus and check in on mind, body and breath. Yoga has been proven to decrease stress and to be extremely therapeutic. The practice of meditation is extremely important for those leading stressful lives as it encourages us to set aside our long to do lists or worries and take some time for a bit of self love. If you want to have a gentle practice with a focus on mediation, opt for a Hatha or Yin class. If you want to up your strength and get the heart rate up whilst still keeping the focus of moving mediation, look for Vinyasa or Ashtanga classes.

Want to learn more about bettering your mental health? We have the apps for that!

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