5 Apps for Mental Health: Week Four

Which of the over 2 million apps on offer on our smartphones help improve mental health and wellbeing?

Every week Access London gives you five of the best.

1. ReachOut WorryTime

This app helps you improve your awareness of negative thought patterns and provides tools to help control worrying thoughts. It lets you decide on a time and a place to deal with the worrying thoughts you experience throughout your day.

2. Catch It

A joint project between Liverpool and Manchester Universities, this app helps you better understand your moods through the use of a diary. You enter what thought you had, where you had it, and how you feel after reflecting on the situation.

3. Paralign

With this app you can share your thoughts anonymously and chat with others who have similar thoughts. You input your thoughts and it matches them with similar thoughts from other users and lets you chat with them.

We spoke to the CEO of Paralign. Check out our article on that interview this Tuesday.

4. Stigma

This app is a journal where you write about how you are feeling. The app collects and arranges your entries into word-clouds to make it easier for you to self-reflect on your emotions.

5. Moodtrack Diary

This app graphs your moods and feelings over days, weeks and months. It also lets you see what other feelings people are going through and chat with them anonymously.

Please note that these apps should not be used as a replacement for seeking medical advice if you have concerns about symptoms you are experiencing.

Let us know your experiences of using these apps. Tweet us @access_LDN, email us at accessldn@gmail.com, or let us know on Facebook.

We publish 5 of the best mental health apps every week. Catch up on last week’s here.

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