New taxicab law tackles drivers overcharging people with a disability


From April 2017, a new law from the Department of Transport will impose a £1000 fine or even removal of a taxi license, if taxi drivers refuse to transport a passenger, or overcharge them for their journey.

In London, all taxis have wheelchair access. However, some taxis are starting their meter before the passenger is in the car, or refusing to pick them up entirely.


A member of the London Taxi Drivers’ Association, along with other taxi drivers in the city, argue it will be difficult to police as taxi unions offer their members strong legal protection. However, many believe it is only a minority of London taxis that would refuse a wheelchair user in the first place.


Disability charities across London are in support of the new law, as Muscular Dystrophy UK states: “This is a positive and very welcome step in the right direction which we hope will not affect the number of accessible taxis being made available by companies because of the duties now being placed onto drivers”.


The government will be consulting on a draft ‘accessibility action plan’ later this year.


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 17.53.04

Take a look at the Department for Transport’s legislation here:

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